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Our Technology

next-generation technology.

next-generation technology.

Built on nearly 20 years of amphibious innovation, Tectrax’s patent-pending second generation system is the world’s first hydraulic-free electric amphibious system. Developed by boaties for boaties, our second-generation technology builds on customer feedback and five years of amphibious boat operation in all conditions.

The result? Evolved electric amphibious technology that delivers better reliability, improved performance, smarter controls and is better for the environment. The future is driven by electric, are you ready?

An e-volution in electric amphibious boating.

The Tectrax Electric Amphibious system has been designed with four key benefits in mind:

Relentless Reliability

Pure electric system

At the core is our fully sealed, pure electric system, with none of the maintenance required for a petrol engine or hydraulic system. And none of the noise.

Brushless DC motors

Our propulsion motors are fully electric brushless motors. With no brushes to fail or replace you can expect worry free boating.

Redundancy by design

Advanced sensing and three independent motors means that, in the unlikely event that one drive has a issue, you still have two others to get you home safely.

Triple-seal technology

Traditional underwater shafts use double-seal technology. Our underwater drives are now protected with new triple-seal technology and advanced sensors, providing you with true peace of mind.

Easy, Intuitive Operation

Unbelievable control

Tectrax’s ‘e-joystick’ provides incredible control and feel with one-handed operation. Control acceleration, braking, emergency brake and steering, leaving the other hand free for boat control.

Everything at your fingertips

The 5-inch touchscreen display is close at hand, easy to read and easy to use. Dash layouts can be customised to suit your needs, with everything you need to launch, land and power away.

Stress-less operation

Our evolved new automated ‘launch and land’ functions mean fast, hassle-free deployment, from wheels down to up in just 30 seconds. Components tuck away neatly so no deck space is wasted.

Long-lasting batteries

Power comes from sealed, certified and warrantied 48V LifePO4 batteries. Safe, light, easy to charge and with over 2,000 cycles (80%DOD), they’ll give you many nautical miles of boating.

Powerful Performance

More space. More pace.

The Tectrax Electric Amphibious system is the lightest electric on the market and, unlike traditional systems, doesn’t require large compartments for hydraulic units. This means better boat performance and more functionality.

All Wheel Electric Drive (AWEDTM)

Much like electric cars, Tectrax’s three independent hub motors provide an instant response, high torque at all speeds and integrated, electric, regenerative braking. Most importantly, you always have three-wheel traction control.

Out-manoeuvres the competition

Our patent-pending electric steering technology is a game changer on land, with a quicker response and twice the manoeuvrability of traditional systems. An electric differential allows you to manoeuvre your boat into spaces you might not have thought possible.

Simultaneous deployment

Tectrax’s patent-pending electric deployment system provides robust, powerful electric actuation in a small package, with all legs deploying simultaneously. And when they’re down, they’ll stay down, with no risk of hydraulic sagging.

A Cleaner Environment

Light, efficient, energy-saving

Our lightweight, all-electric system is up to twice as efficient as traditional hydraulic systems, so your boat will be more efficient off the water too. You could potentially save up to 10kg of CO2 per trip! compared to traditional petrol systems.

Lighter on the planet too

With no hydraulics and no petrol engines, there is zero risk of a leak or spillage, and no regular fluid changes affecting our marine environment and waste. It’s better boating, for a better environment.

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