Introducing Electric
Amphibious by Tectrax

Tectrax is making waves as the world’s most advanced electric amphibious solution.

Our patented system is available on a number of the industry’s most trusted performance hulls – so only Tectrax gives you the freedom to enjoy electric amphibious capability on the boat you really want.

The all wheel drive system is reliable, powerful and easy-to-use, delivering so much more than just the standard amphibious features.

And because Tectrax is created by boaties for boaties, 100% of our focus is on creating the best possible electric amphibious systems with first class service, and less compromise on development, design and build.

the wheel

Whether it be a concrete ramp, tarmac, sand or grass, we will have you beating the boat ramp queues and out on the water ahead of the rest.

With a range of amphibious systems to suit alloy plate, pontoon or RIB, the choice is now yours. So when planning your new boat, talk to your boat builder about having Tectrax fitted during the build, to get the boat you really want.

The future of amphibious has arrived

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