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It’s boating. But better

The future of amphibious boating is electric.

Experience boating without the hassle of launching from a trailer. No more waiting or getting soaked. With TectraxTM Electric Amphibious, you can launch or land in under 30 seconds, smoothly, cleanly, quietly. It’s boating, but better.

The TectraxTM Electric Amphibious System

TectraxTM gives your boat wheels.

With the wheels deployed, Tectrax’s advanced electric drive system enables you to drive your boat for up to an hour on land, way further than you’ll need to go. Once at the water, you simply drive in, lift the wheels and In less than 30 seconds, you’re away. Our evolved, next-generation technology makes this effortless.

  • Pure electric system – quiet and virtually maintenance free brushless DC motors and drives
  • Advanced vehicle controls – intuitive joystick and 5-inch display provide simple, one-hand operation
  • Super efficient – more range with less weight
  • Hydraulic-free – means less maintenance and less space needed
  • Better boating – enjoy emission-free, hassle-free, quieter boating

Arguably the most advanced electric amphibious system on the water. And off.

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The TectraxTM advantage

  • Go boating more easily and often – removing the hassle of launching and landing means you get on the water more often, for longer.
  • Get the boat you really want – our patented system is available on several of the industry’s most trusted performance hulls.
  • The performance of electric – the Tectrax system is built on the latest, best in class electric amphibious technology, giving you quiet performance, immediate power, the ultimate reliability and no compromise on your boating.

A new evolution in electric amphibious technology

  • Designed by a world-class team driven to create the best
  • Integrates advanced, patented electric vehicle technology
  • The world’s first hydraulic-free electric amphibious system
  • Builds on New Zealand’s successful history of maritime innovation