Flexibility without the compromise

Tectrax is uniquely designed with flexibility in mind. With a choice of four models within the All wheel electric drive range (AWED™), there’s a Tectrax system to meet your needs. The AWED™ range can be fitted to boats displacing under 2,500kg, and up to 4,000kg. If you’re thinking about something bigger, get in touch to see what we can do.

The modular Lithium Iron long life battery system provides a wide range of configuration options to meet your run time requirements. Start with the standard battery package for 35 minutes of drive time at up to 8km/h, or simply add more batteries if required. Back at home, plug into a standard wall socket to recharge.

Tectrax technology allows you to build the boat you really want. Whether it be alloy plate, pontoon or RIB, the patented system is seamlessly installed during the build process and delivers a stunning result that we know you’ll love.