Flexibility without

the compromise

Our innovative Tectrax system is designed to be factory-fitted by a number of New Zealand’s leading and most trusted boat manufacturers. The modular battery system allows for the ultimate in flexibility with boat length and design, whether it be for alloy plate, pontoon or RIB. The precision engineering of the Tectrax system gives you the best of both worlds, electric and amphibious on the boat you really want.

Wheel placement can vary depending on the boat you choose, but when retracted, maintains the hull’s clean lines and performance, with zero impact on valuable deck space.

The stern wheels on this
Senator tuck away from sight
and stray fishing lines

The bow wheel on the McLay 741
Raptor retracts completely
behind the “bomb bay” door
maintaining the hull shape.

Our trusted partners

We’ve built partnerships with some of New Zealand’s best boat manufacturers and pride ourselves on working alongside them and delivering only the best amphibious solutions to the market.

The real beauty of these collaborations is that you are no longer restricted in creating your perfect boat. You get to choose the boat you want, add on that brands customisable options and make it electric amphibious. Partnerships combining the skills and knowledge of two passionate teams to deliver your dream.