Superior design

& function

Our innovative design enables you to choose the boat that is right for you – and then gives you the ultimate in convenience and flexibility by adding advanced electric amphibious. Each wheel contains a high torque electric hub motor, which when retracted, maintains the hull’s clean lines and performance, with zero impact on valuable deck space.

> Freedom to launch and retrieve your boat single handed
> Effortless driving from bach to beach
> Easily trailerable for longer transfers

More power
& control

The Tectrax system gives greater power and control through a combination of high torque electric hub motors guided by an easy-to-use intuitive joystick. All Wheel Electric Drive (AWED™) with traction control and regenerative braking is standard across the range, ensuring improved safety, the ability to climb gradients up to 22% and a top speed of 8 km/h.

Four models to choose from to suit your hull size, with different weight capability and power levels up to 4000kg and continuous output of 21.60 Kw.

> Fly-by-wire electronics
> Liquid-cooled motors keep the temperature constant for continuous operation on land
> Class-leading 72 volt battery system
> Brushless hub motors provide quiet and energy-efficient operation