of electric

The Tectrax electric system is the future of flexible amphibious. It’s quieter and more reliable than diesel or petrol alternatives, requiring just one service every two years.

It features an advanced battery management system (BMS), which protects the long-life and naturally safe, lithium iron phosphate batteries from over-charging or over-discharging, ensuring maximum battery life span.

> Proprietary Tectrax 2hr fast charging at 230V using a standard household socket (per battery)
> Minimum 2,000 recharge cycle battery life span
> Clear and easy to read state of charge gauge to keep you fully informed
> User enabled reserve battery capacity provides emergency drive time if required
> Nominal battery draw when the system isn’t in operation
> Electronic traction control
> On demand high torque power
> All wheel electric braking
> Brushless hub motors that provide quiet and energy-efficient operation

More power

& control

The Tectrax system gives greater power and control through its high torque electric hub motors, which are guided by an easy-to-use intuitive joystick. All Wheel Electric Drive (AWED™) with traction control and regenerative braking is standard across the range, ensuring improved safety, the ability to climb gradients up to 22% and a top speed of 8 km/h.

There are four models to choose from to suit your hull size, with different weight capability and power levels up to 4000kg and continuous output of 21.60 Kw.

> Fly-by-wire electronics
> A Liquid-cooled system keeps operational temperatures constant for continuous operation on land
> Class-leading 72 Volt battery system minimises system weight whilst providing unparalleled acceleration.
> The ‘proportional’ joystick provides driver feedback allowing precision control
> Independent operation from the helm allows ease of launch and retrieve in challenging

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Flexibility and convenience were core drivers in the development and design of Tectrax technology. The result, the ability to make the boat of your choice amphibious, not only to provide effortless driving from Bach to beach, but also to be easily trailerable for longer transfers.

> Freedom to launch quickly on your own
> Avoid boat ramp congestion
> The ability to drive your boat out of the water after a long day fishing