Warranty & Servicing

What is the warranty?

Tectrax offers a manufacturer’s warranty. Basically, it is 2 years on mechanical, hydraulics and batteries and 1 year on hoses and electronics for recreational use. If you’re using Tectrax commercially, all components come with a 1 year warranty.

Are the warranties transferrable?

They are transferable as long as you provide us with the new owners details at time of sale.

What does the service programme look like?

Being 100% electric, Tectrax does NOT need an annual maintenance check. First check is 2 years after purchase, and can be done by your boat dealer or by Tectrax.

Are there any special cleaning requirements?

All external / mechanical Tectrax components should be well cleaned in fresh water after each use.

What on-going maintenance do I need to do?

Tectrax uses proprietary water-cooled motors. The coolant needs checking every quarter. It is the same as your car radiator – simple to check. Tectrax wheels are deployed using hydraulics. The hydraulic reservoirs also need checking quarterly and topping up if required.


How long is the on-land drive time?

Our T2500 and T3000 systems have an expected run time of 35 minutes assuming 30% soft sand or uphill. Our drive time is 40 minutes for the T3500 and T4000 systems. Just like a car, the harder you drive your boat on land, the more “petrol” or in our case electricity it will consume.

On flat asphalt drive time is approximately 1hr and 5 minutes

How much power does my Tectrax system have?

Our electric motors are very powerful. High speed is turned into high torque via a reduction gearbox producing:
T2500 10.8kw
T3000 12.96kw
T3500 17.28kw
T4000 21.60kw

I think my garage may be too low, can I drive with the wheels half down?

Yes, there is a creep mode and under these circumstances only forward (can’t be steered)

Can I drive on grass?

Absolutely. Just like any off-road vehicle, Tectrax can be driven on sand and grass but it is up to the operator to ensure traction is maintained at all times and that the system is operated within safe operating limits. Tectrax is an AWED system (all wheel electric drive) and has traction control.

What sort of hill will it climb?

The system can climb gradients of up to 22% but should never traverse a hill.

Can I trailer my Tectrax amphibious boat?

Tectrax enabled boats are very easy to load and un-load using a specially made trailer. A standard boat trailer may also be used if water launching and retrieving.


How much does a Tectrax system weigh?

T2500 & T3000 – 580kg (52kg heavier if an additional battery is installed)
T3500 & T4000 – 602kg (52kg heavier if an additional battery is installed)

What voltage does the system use?

72 volts

Can I charge the system using a generator?

Yes, a standard generator (v’s an inverter) that outputs 240V/50hertz/10amp is perfect. 2.5KW or above. This size will charge each battery in 2 hours. Under 2.5KW will charge but the charging time will be increased and generator specifications needs to be checked carefully to ensure the draw doesn’t damage the generator.


How many batteries do I need?

It depends on how you use your boat but the standard systems come with;
T2500 & T3000 1 battery
T3500 & T4000 2 batteries

How long will a battery last on one charge?

T2500 & T3000 35 minutes based on 70% flat/hard surface and 30% steep/soft surface
T3500 & T4000 40 minutes based on 70% flat/hard surface and 30% steep/soft surface

What happens if the batteries run flat while I’m driving?

There is a battery indicator on the Tectrax display panel that indicates your remaining battery charge. The display moves from green to red. Just like any car, you should always ensure that you have enough power (fuel) to complete your journey.

What happens if I run the batteries flat?

Our system has an internal battery management system that will protect the batteries and not allow them to be damaged. The batteries when flat will turn themselves off.
Unlike a traditional battery that slowly runs flat, Lithium Iron will simply stop v’s running down.

What type of brakes do you use?

Each rear motor has an integrated disc brake and all motors also have regenerative braking (re-charging the batteries)

How are the motors waterproofed?

Through chemical and mechanical seals along with design, our motors have an IP69 waterproof rating (total submersion)

Where are the motors made?

The drive units are designed in New Zealand, components made overseas, then QC’d and assembled in New Zealand.

How long will it take to charge a battery?

2 hours per battery using the Tectrax charger (which comes with each system) using a standard wall socket